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The Max Touch POOL is a digital microcontrolled controller projected for application on pool automation, having lighting RGB functions, solar heating control and more three relay outputs, totalizing 5 outputs: OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2, OUTPUT 3, OUTPUT 4 and OUTPUT 5. The controller has two event schedules, one associated with the OUTPUT 1 ande the other with the OUTPUT 3. The OUTPUT 3 serves for the RGB lighting, which can be activated through her event schedule   in cases where you want it to be triggered at different times, so you just have to configure the automatic heating mode. All the Max Pool Touch operation interface is made through a LCD touchscreen. The configuration parameters are really simple, allowing a quick process adjustment. The realized configurations are automatically applied to the controller process. The output drive keys can have their names edited according to the device activated by the outputs. The controller has audio output for the lighting effects and four control outputs described above, which can be activated away through the remote. the Remote has six keys, which one is responsable by the activation of one output or lighting functions, and one send command signaling led.